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We are witnessing, having quality entertainment around home is becoming part of essential need while building a good home.

Home theatre

Home theatre and entertainment are an integral part of every-day living in this modern world. We are witnessing the transformation may be due toprice drop in theatre quality electronics and or the need for quality entertainment, within their fast moving schedule,for relaxing.

Customers with the budget of $2k or $200k we design your customhome theatre system and install them. We put our expertise to design your theatre and select gadgets to suit for your exact need and budget.

Our service is flexible, for some customers we do custom design and we pass our design with the model numbers for customers to shop the gadgets and then we do installation.

We use customer’s builders and contractors to build their home theatre according to our interior design. This is the preferred popular cost effective method for new home builders. We manage the home theatre project for them and buy electronics and do installation.

Video / IR and Audio Multi Room Distribution

Without proper video / IR distribution and having more than 5 Television on wall with separate clumsy cabinet arrangement even at living and dining or on the outdoor BBQ area is hard toimagine for your beautiful home. It is even harder to sacrifice watching your preferred TV show or movie for the appearance of your home.

Customers with idea of having many television around home and do not want to keep clumsy gadgets and cables under the each TV cabinet have chosen this great idea.

Customer keeps all the devices, DVD, Blu-Ray, Pay TVand Radio, in home theatre and distribute throughout the house and watch from all the TV.

Infar red controls distributed throughout the house and customer control their devices at home theatre from their bed rooms or BBQ area.

We do customers video / IR distribution with, RF Modulators and or Video matrix.

Audio distribution

When you have speakers in the ceiling and controllers on the wall to choose your preferred audio from six different sources could be the one most of customers want.

Having BBQ party and you chose music just for your outdoor speaker or throughout the house.

All your six music sources are kept in central location at home theatre make your home presentable with no sacrifice of your entertainment. Customer need to buy only one type of audio source for to play from everywhere and no need to carry the audio disk or other. Imagine all of the CD or Hard drive in one place and no need to search every kids room for to play your favourite singers song.

We carry Russound product and refer below link.

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