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Yours greatest assets are most certainly your family and your home. With our expertise we are able to give you practical and useful advice to secure your greatest asset.

Our security solutions works for your home or your business place. Your home could be a apartment block or big mansion. Business place could be a shop or massive multi location industry. We are here to cater all your security needs.

Burglar Alarm and Back to base 24hour monitoring

Burglars less likely to target a well secured place with Alarm and CCTV. They naturally want easy prey. Our alarm system with well visible signs and outside strobes will deter them from even thinking about it.

Adding CCTV camera and linked with back to base patrol group always make your home and loved one secured even when you are away from home.

Installing Alarm or CCTV camera is not just few cabling from each corner. When it comes to an experienced designer like us then we first discuss with you and decide the best position and angles to secure your whole property with minimal number of sensors or Cameras to reduce your unnecessary cost. Look for optimal location not for sensors and cameras but for keypad, main alarm panel, Video recorder and even cabling path.

Then we chose the type of alarm sensors or Camera and suitable lens and many other properties to suit your exact home or business.

Below fully wired alarm package designed for single story house with power and telephone line already next to proposed alarm panel. Pricing include material, installation, warranty and GST.

$850 Three sensors Bosch

Below wireless alarm package may suit for double story building with power and telephone line on upper floor next to proposed alarm panel.

If you have a preference in brand name, please you can ask for any brands we almost carry every Australian reputed brands.

CCTV Installation

Statistic shows the common purchasers of security cameras are those who have already experienced some break in, suspicious movements or heard about home invasion of a neighbour or friend.

But most of us believe it will never happen to us. The simple truth is we have no way of knowing. Proper way is only we can prepare and deter.

When it comes to your business the benefits are countless
  • Identify delay and time wasting
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Resolve customer quarrels
  • Customer flow work scheduling & rostering
  • Unsafe and incorrect procedures by worker
  • Inappropriate physical contacts
  • Control business from phone.
  • Run more than one business comfortably with remote view.
  • Protect property
  • When it comes to school
    • Protect students, staff and asset
    • Explain and evident for an event
    • Activity of cleaners and workers after school
    • It will almost stop bulling
    Below fully wired four cameras CCTV package designed for single story house with power and internet already next to proposed Video recorder location. Customer supply LCD monitor or we hook to existing TV if next to recorder. Pricing include material, installation, warranty and GST.

    All four cameras come with waterproof, vandal proof casing and night vision capability.

    High definition 720P resolution, 720P = 1280 X 720 lines on display this equates around 1Mega pixel.For $1200 with 1TB Hard disk,
    Full High definition 1080P resolution, 1080P = 1920X1080 lines on display this equates around 2 Mega pixel for $1750 with 2TB Hard disk
    Quad High Definition 1440p resolution 1440P = 2560 x 1440lines on display this equates around 4 Mega pixel for $2800 with 4TB Hard disk
    Ultra High definition 2160presolution 2160P = 3840 x 2160lines on display this equates around 8 Mega pixel call us for pricing.

    Solar Powered Construction Site CCTV

    With our construction site CCTV system brings you many more advantages for you with minimal monthly cost of around $150+GST.

    It will come with one time setting up and removal fee vary from site to site and cost you around $400.

    Our Solar powered system overcome site power issues and virtually installed anywhere. Our system designed with WiFi and 4G wireless network.

    • Protects your tools and construction materials
    • You do not need to burn petrol and waste your valuable time on traffic to just check your site
    • Flick of your phone will help you to view your multiple site from your phone
    • Project management is much easier and all unwanted site events and accidents with evident to prove and prevent in future
    • Stops night time and weekend trespassing

    Access Control

    Access controls need simply start when many people need access thus a key for your high secured door.
    It is hard and then one stage impossible with traditional keys.
    Traditional keys are clumsy, hard to track, difficult to account. It is highly expensive and problematic if lost or stolen. Keys could be duplicated or being cut by staff without authority.
    Access control controls solve all off the above mentioned issues with traditional key and bring you much more benefit.

    With access controls, you are the key master, simply add and remove authority, of your staff for a particular door only, from your computer any time. It is not costly weather lost key, staff left or intake new staff just modifies authority from computer.

    Monitor staff movements and hours. With access control you can know exactly when staff enter and leave designated areas. Logs of who goes where are available live and in 24/7 recall format.

    Limit time of access and staff for particular door and protect your valuables.

    Cost of implementing an access controls system mainly depends on
    • How many doors
    • How many staff
    • What type of access control weather card , password, Fingerprint
    • Building structure and Cabling difficulty and length

    Video Intercom

    Customers want intercom for extra security, convenience and privacy. They want to see who is at the gate within the safety of home. Either they can initiate talk with them or simply ignore the call after seeing the video.
    You needn't rush to the door again as with the electronic locks you can even open from intercom.

    Our intercom system goes further and let you to talk to the door remotely from your phone. Customer can answer the door with their phone while at office or overseas tour, Person at door has no clue about your absence from home.

    Seven inch colour video intercom system fully installed for single story house starting from $770

    Intercom with remote phone communication facility for single story start from $1450
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